TextbookRush FTP Upgrades

If you are a TextbookRush Seller you have likely received notification of their FTP upgrades which are scheduled for this evening starting at 5 p.m. EST.   They are reporting a work time expectancy of about 3 hours and during that time will not be accepting any files through the FTP accounts.  All AoB communications to your TextbookRush account are via FTP so you will be out of contact via AoB for that same time frame.  

Once TextbookRush's work is complete a Refresh that you can send from the Tools page will resend your inventory (send deletes too) and get your listings fully updated again.  

If you are shipping in that time frame be aware that your confirmations can not be resent.  It would be advisable that you either hold off on the shipping until they are back up, or that you login to the site directly to confirm your orders manually also.

Let us know any questions, or concerns you may have.  Our staff will be glad to assist you.


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