AoB's New Muli-Image Settings

As things are ever-evolving the same is true of AoB's options, settings, and functionality.  With our latest version of site updates you will find the following changes to the image field on your listing page:

  • We have added a new setting for the image field so you can choose how many fields you have available for your Image URLs.  To access this setting go to Single List Page Settings and scroll approximately half way down the page to the newly created Multi-Image Settings section.  There you can select a number between 1-12  from the Multi-Image drop down menu.  Save the page and that number of image fields will be displayed on your Listing Page going forward.  
  • If your listing practice utilizes file uploads change the image header to  image_1, image_2, image_3, and so on. 
  • If you have been using eBay Multi-Image Settings, you'll notice the eBay Image fields are relocated to this same Multi-Image section of your listing page from their previous residency in the eBay Attributes section.  And if you are uploading eby_image1, eby_image2, etc.. please note the change of the header as previously described. 

These changes apply to Amazon, ABE, and eBay.  So, if you suddenly see errors in your uploads to any of these 3 sites, please let us know immediately via Live Chat as it will monitored late today in case of reports.  If you have any questions, or concerns, about using these fields, please contact our staff via Live Chat, or by submitting a Support Request.


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