Selling entire Book store

Hello, Friends, it is time for me to sell my entire bookstore.  I am downsizing my home and need to move the Bookstore.  3000 book already categorized and in alphabetical order.  Mostly new and like new.  My bookstore specializes in the literature of Christian and children books.  A vary sum of books with novel and short stories and biography. The bookstore generates about $200.00 a month without any upkeep on the inventory, with upkeep on the inventory reloading them and uploading new material  I will well about $300.00 a month.  The total value is 18,000.00 in the gross price sales.  Also, I have about 500 books ready to go online needing uploading.  I will sell very low. you can look at our bookstore inner city bookstore on Amazon and check it out. our https://www.amazon.com/shops/A288XKXXC0LB3C?ref_=v_sp_storefront link you can let me know I am taking best offers . I live in Morton PA near Philadelphia.

my phone is 6103486101 ask for Tony

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