New Field for Category on your Single List Page

Some of you have already noticed that we've made a change to your listing page, adding a field called Category, just below the Quantity field.  This field used to exist in the Amazon Attributes section and was labeled as the zShop Browse. ZShop Browse is part of the legacy code and relates back to ancient history when Amazon had zShop Browse Paths.  Amazon no longer utilizes this data, and so few people know what that is any longer that we've decided to move it out of Amazon Attributes section and relabel it to better fit its current use. 

The 'Category' field will allow you to enter category (catalog) data to your listings and send it to sites that process such data.  For those of you selling on ABE, you're likely already familiar with the ABE Catalog field and this Category field is used in the same way for sites other than ABE.  

Category is not a field that will show up on your listing page by default.  If you want to display it on the listing page look to the Content section of the Single List Page Settings and there you can enable/disable its display on your personalized listing pages. 

Until the transition is complete you may still find that z_browse shows in your inventory downloads, which you may continue to use (it'll be mapped correctly on the back end), but, once this work is completed you can use 'category' to bulk upload category data for your listings.  

As always, if you have questions, or concerns, you have contact options.  Feel free to leave a comment below, or come to Live Chat and discuss with our staff live between the hours of 8 a.m and 4 p.m EST, M-F.  You can use your Help Center to create a request or email us directly using support@zoobilee.com


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