eBay Business Policies Now Supported

Some of you may know about eBay's Business Policies already, but for those who do not, or, for those that would like more information, please see https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/business-policy/business-policies?id=4212 

If you are using policies on eBay you can now populate the policies you've set up to your Single Listing page and to your eBay Configuration page in AoB. 

Their use is fairly simple.. The drop-down list populated at the top of your AoB eBay Configuration page will allow you to set up a Default, and the drop-down list populated in the eBay Attributes section of your Single Listing Page (SLP) will allow you to set your policies per item.  

Any edits that you do to your policies on eBay are currently pulled into your  eBay Configuration page automatically on the page load.  However, to populate those out to your SLP you'll need to Re-Save your AoB eBay Configuration page.  We'll be offering a button to populate your policy changes as this currently functionality is not sustainable on accounts that have many policies set up. We'll announce the change to the functionality as soon as it's live.

If you are one of the handful of AoB users that we've set up custom code snippets in your Pre/Post Processing blocks of your eBay Configuration for your Shipping Profiles, you can leave those in place unless you are setting polices to items on your AoB listing pages.  Once you start using the per item policy matching you'll need to consider removing your custom code snippets.  If you have any questions, or concerns do not hesitate to drop a note below, or contact our staff via your Support Requests, or, Live Chat.


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