New Sourcing Group

Hey all, Just wanted to extend an invite to anyone who might be looking for additional way to source used books to sell on Amazon about a new selling group.

I am a 12 year amazon seller and am starting a small group on Facebook to give other sells the oppt to purchase from suppliers of used books.

The group will be kept small as I am only looking for 20 or so active people purchasing.

Right now the List has 2000 unique titles all which are profitable, and the lists shows the Amazon data to give you an idea how profitable the item is.

We distribute this list weekly

These are wholesale orders so a min of 15 items is required for purchase

Shortly we will also be distributing a free list of over 750 leads of books on Amazon you can sell for a profit just for being a member of our group

If you are a current customer and purchases from our wholesale list then you get access to the full list of Amazon Leads.

If this sounds like something you business could benefit from please join the group below



Thanks and I hope to see you in the group!


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