Buy your Postage from Amazon?

The Art of Books will soon be releasing some new functionality for Amazon sellers.  You will soon be able to buy your postage from Amazon from within your AoB account.  

We'll be releasing this to your beta accounts, which, for newcomers, can be accessed by replacing the 'www' part of the site URL with 'beta' and hitting the return key.  Once you're logged in you'll be able to access the various settings/functions/toys that we've put into production to be tested before fully documenting and making it live. But, I digress.. 

Where was I .. ?  Oh yes..  New toys y'all!  More to follow in the days to come.


PS... For those of you who especially brave ..  I do have a URL for you if you'd like a peak, but you should understand its still rough edged and flaky on the label print portion.


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