The Recent Downtime on AoB Explained

Over the past couple days we've experienced severe site slowness and disconnects. Several things were going on at the same time with little consistency of what the trouble might have been. There was work being done at the data center the day prior that was being investigated, the possibility of our certificate management service experiencing issues, and also the possibility of an external threat.
As it turned out, the issue stemmed from the use of our API and other available automation tools. These tools have seen increased use of late. Previously, they were only lightly utilized by only a handful of users so restrictions were not in place to limit abuse and overloading the system. This is precisely what happened, however. We have taken some temporary measures to account for this increased traffic with a solid plan going forward of restricting throughput of the API and custom systems.
Basically: a few people were eating all the cookies and weren't leaving any crumbs behind for everyone else.
If you have any questions or concerns you can add them here to this message by signing in with your AoB login, or you can submit a support request at the top of the page.  You can also join Veruca in Live Chat.  
We thank you for your understanding.

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