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New! Pirate Ship USPS FREE Shipping Software

I recently discovered new software that is 100% FREE that makes it easier than ever to ship my packages via USPS. Called Pirate Ship and available at https://ship.pirateship.com/  they offer the lowest possible price whether you ship 1 or 100 packages at a time. They work on a simple economic model; they purchase postage from USPS for wholesale and then resell it for the lowest price allowed. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. You will not find a lower price either; I have tried! Accounts are FREE and a credit card is not required until you are ready to purchase postage.

Pirate Ship offers all USPS services including Media Mail and international post. Information may be entered one address at a time or in batches via file or spreadsheet uploads. Last week I entered a batch file of 105 Media Mail addresses and printed 105 4x6 labels on my Zebra LP 2844. It took less than 10  minutes from start to finish.

Pirate Ship uses standard 4x6 peel and stick thermal labels which are supported by many printers. You can also print labels on 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper via an inkjet or laser printer. The Zebra 2844 is a long lived workhorse printer and can be purchased online at https://www.hippodeals.com/ . These folks sell labels too. They are exceptionally knowledgeable and have great prices with a warranty.

Pirate Ship sends every address to a USPS database where it is standardized, corrected and has a delivery point and carrier route added for quicker postal sorting and delivery. An accompanying endicia and tracking barcode is added for no charge. I have shipped using Amazon postage and their labels lack the endicia, address corrections, delivery point and carrier route features.

Labels are printed from a PDF file. Thus test prints, reprints and saving of the label file is simple. I always do a test print on the first label to make sure the printer preferences are correct.

Pirate Ship offers a full array of customizable reports which you can view on your monitor or download as files.

Pirate Ship customer support is by chat and it is awesome! Real people who speak and write American English and respond quickly! I asked lots of difficult questions and every one was answered promptly. I requested specific information like copies of sample input files. I received them within 10 minutes of asking. Most questions were answered in 2-4 minutes. The customer service folks are big on pirate jargon and images. My guess is they never want you to forget the name of their company.

Pirate Ship has a well written collection of very helpful and informative articles regarding their product and USPS services. I learned quite a bit about Pirate Ship from their articles. I also picked up a lot of knowledge about Priority Mail, cubic shipping and how to get the best deal. They even have links to USPS supplies.

Pirate Ship wants to save you money! They go out of their way to show you the cheapest methods to ship each package. They will recommend certain services over others and show you the amount of money you can save.

When I got stuck or had a problem I just clicked on the chat button. Even on Sunday morning I received a quick reply. I used to use Endicia and was used to waiting 5 to 8 days for a reply to my emails. Or I could wait on phone hold for hours for Endicia tech support.

Single entries can be cut and pasted from the AoB ship page. If there is sufficient interest, AoB may allow batch files to be submitted via their Bulk Shipping page. Respond to this post or contact AoB if you are interested.

I use Pirate Ship's batch processing to quickly validate addresses and print labels for my book shipments. I print invoices and pick lists from AoB. Then I pack 20-40 orders at a time. Then I print the same number of labels. At the end of the day I print a Scan Form from Pirate Ship and simply drop off my tubs of packages at the local Post Office. I do not have to wait in line and the postal clerks are always happy to see me! One scan and their job is done and my packages are on the way!

Check out https://ship.pirateship.com today and let AoB know what you think. You can start saving money immediately and get better labels than Amazon.

Post your comments below or contact Samantha via an AoB support ticket. If you have questions please post them below and I will try to answer them.

Good Luck Captain!


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