Multiple Repricing Scripts, Sandbox Testing, and Scheduled Soloist Runs

Yes, you read that correctly!  AoB's repricing interface now offers the option to store more than one Repricing Script, as well as the option to test your new scripts in a Sandbox test environment, and last but not least, a way to schedule Soloist's runs. 

If you use a bookmark or otherwise jump directly to the Repricing Configuration page, or the Repricing Edit page for direct edits to your actual script, you're probably going to be surprised by the new landing, because, what you'll see going forward will only be a drop-menu allowing you to select the script that you wish to edit.  That's it. One big page; shiny, little, box, like this...

It's cute, no? Say yes.. a lot of something went into it's making and we don't want to hurt its feelings or give it a complex about its size.

All you really need to do though is to simply select the Load button to open the configuration page where you can create your first script or edit the existing script. 

I invite you though to navigate to the Inventory Settings > Repricing Settings  where you will see the new Repricing interface as follows: 

Notice, first, the 2 drop-menus in the Automated Repricing Script section:

  • one to select a script to use as your Live script, which is the script Soloist will use for your Auto Repricing.
  • and one to place a script in your Sandbox which will be used when you select a Test run for Soloist. 

The Default will either be your existing script which was imported into these settings when they were made active, or, if you have not yet created your first script, Default is where you will start creating one.  Click Script Writer, or Manual Edit (if you edit your script directly) to edit/create that first/existing script.  

And lest I forget .. You can rename your script at the top of the Configuration page.

... just check the box to edit the name and save the page at the bottom.  

Second, you'll see a new section called Soloist Auto-Run Settings followed by a few options centered around the idea of scheduling, or stopping/paused scheduled Soloist runs.  **Please note that the Auto Run settings are a work in progress and will not yet let you schedule a run at the time of this post.  There are a few loose-ends to this group of settings that are being wrapped up in programming and it will be live soon.

I will be working on the documentation for the knowledge base and will share the details shortly.  However, I encourage you to stop by Live Chat with any questions or concerns you might have, and as always you are encouraged to leave a comment, concern, or any  suggestion here on the post directly.  



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