Transitioning to AoB from Fillz

First, let us just say Thank you for your consideration of the Art of Books and our services.  We welcome you.

We've recognized a few common things that our sellers coming from Fillz need to know and have put together a list of steps that we have found to be the most efficient below.

  • All venues have different connection requirements. Some require you to alert them of your change of services, others require Authorization tokens or API Keys.  Though most of the time, regardless of their requirements, it ends up being just a few clicks and you're done. You should plan that most venues will take care of the changes in one day, but once in awhile, we've seen that extend into 2 days.  The Venues section of our Help Center's knowledge base will describe in detail what each venue requires.  https://zoobilee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200262979-Venues   Once you have all the information you need simply login to your AoB account and navigate to Settings > Venue Settings to enter your login credentials for each and save your work.  The reload will show you a status message from each venue having a login entered.  Do not set them to Active at this time, that comes later.  
  • General account settings are next. You can find these by going to the Settings tab.  While most are fairly self-explanatory, allow us to take this opportunity to invite you to our Live Chat. It is staffed from 8 am to 4 pm EST Monday-Friday. We will gladly walk you through all of your Account Settings, step by step. 
  • Next in line is uploading your inventory to AOB. On Fillz, click Inventory > Export Items. The file you want is the Fillz Inventory Loader, and is a .txt file. Unless you need a field such as Location you do not need any of the extra options. Just generate your file and download it to your machine.  Then upload the same file to your AOB account.  To do so simply navigate to Inventory > Upload an Inventory File. Once your file is accepted and then processed you will receive an email from our service to let you know the success of the file.  If you do not see this right away in your inbox please check your Spam folder.
  • Also, once your file has processed you will want to make sure the inventory in AOB is accurate. There are two ways to do this; If you go the Inventory tab and click Inventory Statistics, it will tell you how many active listings you have in your AOB. You will also want to go to Inventory then Show Full Inventory to scroll through to do a quick scan for it looks.  Make note of anything odd and seek assistance if need. 
  • You should now be ready to go live!   --  Remember getting your venues connected? That was so this part is seamless with no downtime in your services. But, first, Process all of your orders as you normally do in Fillz and disconnect Fillz from your venues. When that is done, come to AoB and navigate back to your AoB Venue Settings.  On the Venue Settings, you will select Active for each of your Venues and save the page.
  •  That's it, you are live!


The following are a few tips we feel will be helpful.  

  • If you use Dazzle for postage, it works a bit differently than what you are accustomed to with Fillz. Scroll down to the Instructions section of this page https://zoobilee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191143-Bulk-Shipping-List for step by step use of bulk shipping with Dazzle. 
  • Inventory and order continuity is very important. If you attempt to have both Fillz and AOB getting your orders and updating your venues, you will lose inventory and order continuity. Cleaning this mess up is both tedious and pretty frustrating, so its best to just not try it. 
  • Activating your venues here in AOB will not remove your listings from your venues or cause your items to double list.
  • If you sell on eBay and have active listings there, contact us after your inventory is uploaded to your AoB and you've fetched your eBay Token in the Venue Settings, but before you activate your venues.  You will want to ask that your eBay Item IDs are populated.  This is vital to avoid double listings on eBay as we use their assigned Item ID's to match your SKU to your listings.  For reference .. https://zoobilee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/201544573-eBay-Configuration
  • Many of you are concerned about your repricing scripts. Things work differently here than what you are accustomed to with Fillz. Just tell us what you want and we will advise you as to which settings you need. Veruca, in our live chat, happens to love setting up repricing scripts and will be thrilled to see you!


We understand that you are learning a lot of new stuff and that AoB has a large learning curve.  But, we'll be here for you every step of the way.  






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