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Don't have an Amazon subscription? No worries! It is not required that you sell on Amazon if you want to use the Art of Books. All you need is an inventory and a desire to increase your business exposure. There are many venues where you can sign up to sell your goods that work with the Art of Books.



The following should be noted:

  • The Art of Books has an ever-increasing database of ISBN/UPC which can is useful in many cases as it makes listing inventory easier for the busy bookseller. However, if you come across an ISBN/UPC that does not exist in AoB's database, it will be necessary to manually enter all relevant listing data such as Title, Author, Publisher, etc..  This will also allow future sellers the benefit of your entry. 

Throughout our Help pages we will endeavor to clarify all points of AoB use, but please feel free to question our staff if your topic is not covered on these pages.

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    please rewrite with clarity (no double negative and no irrelevant comments)????: Our repricing program is only available by request if you are not an Amazon seller and the previous statement should be repeated.

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    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better describe what we can and cannot do.

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