Getting your inventory to AOB

  • If you do not have inventory listed anywhere, take advantage of our powerful listing page.
  • If your inventory is listed to a venue, simply download your inventory from the venue and save it to your machine so that you can upload the file to your AOB account; we can accept Amazon's inventory files; including FBA, Homebase formatted files from ABE, and the text files provided from other sites that we support.  The one exception is eBay.  eBay does not provide a file that can be uploaded to your AoB account.  Otherwise, we accept a variety of formats which you can find outlined (among other topics) in our Inventory Files Help Section.
    • If you don't have SKU on all items you'll need to turn on the Auto-SKU prior to uploading. Characters in our acceptable SKU formats can be letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores and are limited to 24 characters.
  • If you wish to create your own files for uploading inventory to your AOB account use our list of Approved Headers to create files without worry about whether, or not, the data is recognized by our system.
  • FTP Accounts are available upon request if you have need to upload your inventory files in that manner. Just submit a support ticket asking for an FTP account.


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