Inventory Settings

Listing Constraints/Options

You can refine your listing practice even more by creating a few Constraints and/or choosing a few options to raise or lower prices, decide what lists, and where, based on the Sales Rank, Min. Price, and Maximum Weight in oz. You can also choose the currency values that you wish to use per venue.

Constraints and Options Description
Venue Each Venue and Custom Venue is displayed for your Venue Specific settings. *If you are not active on any particular Venue ignore the settings fields for them as they do not apply to you.
Price % Increase Raise your prices globally based on a set Percentage (%). Use a negative value to decrease the price.
Price $ Increase Raise your prices globally based on a set dollar amount ($). Use a negative value to decrease the price.
Min List Rank Lower Sales Ranks sell faster. Limit double sales by channeling your lower-ranked items to your best-selling venues. Be warned: this constraint sets a Do Not List Flag on the item. Changing the value of this field does not remove Do Not List Flags that were set by the previous settings.
Min List Price Items with a core price less than your set Minimum will not be uploaded to the Venue having a value in this field.
Max List Weight (oz) Items exceeding the Maximum Weight will not be listed to the venue having a value in this field.
Currency Select the currency that you're posting to your venue on a per-venue basis. If you do not select a currency the system will default to USD values.


*** With the exception of the Min. List Rank you will want to send a Refresh to the Venue receiving these edits if you wish to also update items that are already listed on the Venue.  Otherwise only new listings will be uploaded with these settings.

 Inventory List Display Fields

  • Select which fields to best display your inventory list by checking the box next to each Field Name.
  • Most of the fields will offer sort arrows to either side of the field heading to sort your inventory as either ascending or descending.

Repricing Settings

The first two options in this section pertain to the Reprice Your Books Page (RYB) and allow you to refine the information you have available when manually repricing your items.

  • Show me items where I AM the lowest price Select this to show your items even if you are already the lowest-priced offering.
  • Ignore categories when populating repricing data Soloist, as a rule will not look at items with a Condition Category of lesser value than your own when populating the RYB page. Selecting this rule will ignore Condition Categories and give you more pricing data. Items that would not have otherwise posted to the RYB page will start populating for manual repricing.

Automated Repricing Script

The second section of the Repricing Settings pertains to the script/s you wish to use for your auto-repricing.  Here you will see various options having to do with creating new scripts, storing those you've created, as well as deciding which to run for your Live script versus any created script that you might be testing in your Sandbox as you can see here...


To create a new script you'll need to check the box next to the 'Create New Script' line, and in the text block to the left, you'll give the script a name.  Save the page to create a new Repricing Configuration page for your new script.  (Important to note: New AoB accounts will see a Default entry as shown in the above image that will allow you to load a blank Repricing Configuration page to help you get started.)

Each script you create is housed in its own line of this script-table and contains two links for each script. The links:

  • Script Writer Click to open the configuration page for the script you're meaning to create/edit and then check a box to apply various any of the various repricing rules and let the Auto-Repricing Script Writer create a repricing script for you.
  • Manual Edit  Click here only if you are feeling especially brave, or are confident in your scripting abilities and want to edit your Auto Repricing Script manually?

There is a checkbox option for you to select to have a Repricing Report emailed to you after each Soloist run.  However, you can also find downloadable copies on the Recent Repricing Results page located in the Inventory Repricing section of your Inventory menu 

Soloist Auto-Run Settings 

The last section in the Repricing Settings offers various options to schedule your repricing runs with Soloist.


Venue Description Add-ons

  • Use these Venue Specific fields to append to the Notes that are uploaded to your venues.
    • Instead of worrying that each and every item has a note regarding your shipping or anything else you wish to add just enter it once and save the page.
    • If you change the Description Add-on, send a Refresh to the venue to update items that are already listed with your new message. 


AoB requires each item in your Inventory to have a unique SKU.  Auto-SKU works by populating an SKU for any item passing through the back-end processors having no SKU assigned already.  

  • To use Auto-SKU check the box next to Enable Auto-Generated SKUs and also select a format for the SKU from the table below the checkbox options which will fully enable this function when you save the page.


    • If you do not see a format in this table that suits your needs feel free to contact our staff with a description of the format you'd like to use and we may be able to set up something for you, however, it should be noted that Customization Fees will apply.
  • You can control the padding of your SKU format by editing the Next SKU value at the bottom of the SKU format table.

Note: If you need to change the value of this field at any time it is necessary that you check the Edit box, make your edit and then save the page.

  • Enable 'New Auto-SKU on Populate is not required, but can be useful if you want to know what the next SKU is when listing.  Be careful with this option though as it is possible to waste an SKU if you decide to list an item after populating the Market Data.

Upload Defaults (HomeBase uploads)

Homebase does not have a field to set your Shipping Preference. If you wish to offer Expedited, or International shipping select either/or both option before you upload your file of new inventory listings.


Image URL Template

When entering images to your AoB Image Manager it is possible to tie a specific image with your Inventory item by using the SKU in the filename when uploading your images.  *The caveats are that your images must exist in the Image Manager before the item is entered to inventory, and the item must be listed with the same SKU assigned to the image file name that you've uploaded to your Image Manager.  


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