Image Manager

Image Manager, located on the Inventory menu of your AoB account, allows you to easily host the images used to enhance the AoB-managed inventory listed in your various venues. 

To enter images into your Image Manager:

  • You can drag & drop files from your machine to the image manager page, or click on the plus sign to the far right to open your files window where you can select your files to upload them.  


  • It is also possible to use your FTP account with AoB to upload images to your Image Manager.  Place your image files into the images folder in the main directory of your AoB FTP.  
  • The accepted formats are .png and .jpg (.jpeg doesn't upload you must convert those to jpg.)

Once your images exist in the Image Manager you can hover your pointer/arrow over the existing images and select to either enlarge or delete your files.

  • Select to enlarge the file, and you can access the file name as well as the image URL.  


    • Copy the URL and you can paste it to the Image field of your choice on your inventory item's listing page.
      • The Image field is an optional field for your listing page.  If you do not see it there already you can enable it in the Content section of your Inventory Settings page.
    • Select the trash icon to delete an individual image from your image database.
        • If you are trying to delete many at once try out the Image Scrubber linked at the top of the Image Manager Page.  This function looks for images that are not associated with an active listing so you can select and delete them.
    • If you need more space for your images you can upgrade to the next level with a click of a button.


*If you are being charged for the level of usage of the image manager the amount will be included in the bill you receive for your AoB commissions.  See our article in the Fees section of the Help Center for the fee structure details.

* If you delete images to below the current billable level please contact AoB staff to confirm.   

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