Amazon Connection Requirements

  • You must have a ProMerchant level subscription with Amazon to allow for file uploads and automation of account services.
  • You must authorize AoB through Amazon's SP-API before we can interact with any Amazon account. ie..,,, and any of the European Amazon sites(.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es).  Note: This process must begin on your AoB Venue Settings page.
  • Each Amazon Marketplace settings section will display a button that will allow you to Authorize AoB, as will each of the stand-alone Amazon sections.Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 09.35.12.png 
  • Once you have clicked the Authorize hyperlink an Amazon page will open for you that allows you to confirm the authorization.  There will be two places that you should click.. one is to direct Amazon to provide that access and the other is to confirm your selection. new_amz_auth.png


  • If this is your first time authorizing AoB for Amazon you will have no token for the venue and a  message display stating, "No token present", 
  • Any token that does exist will display the date the token was generated and its status of either 'Current' or 'Expired'.   
    • Current tokens will display as Current until the final 30 days, at that time the message there will state that your token will expire in X days, and on the last day of your Current token status the message will state that it expires in X hours.
    • Revoked authorizations will not change the status of the token as displayed in the AoB settings.  
  • Save the page and watch for the status message on the right side of the page when the page reloads.

Note there is no need to set the venue to Active until you are fully set up and ready to hand over the reins to AoB.

  • When you are ready to set the Venues as Active make sure you place a checkmark in the site boxes intended to be active and save your page.
  • If you find a setting greyed out, check your seller subscription to ensure you are signed up to sell there.  
  • Check out the Optional Market Settings for details on setting up Amazon fully.
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    not working
    I dont understand the instructions

    My authorization has expired

  • Avatar

    maybe i got it
    maybe i didnt

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    it takes me to aob and gives me a blank page

    Save the page and watch for the status message on the right side of the page when the page reloads.

    I am not sure what I am watching for.

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    This reads as though you are not on AoB's Venue Settings page. in your AoB account navigate to the Settings menu and from there go to Venue Settings and simply click the button that says Authorize in the settings for the Amazon you're working with. The rest of this article will then likely make more sense to you.

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