What are the basic AoB fees?

We like to keep it simple so our fees are commission based and solely against the item price of each order you receive in a billing cycle.  

Use the following as a quick guide to figure what your commissions will be:

  • The fees are cumulative, meaning that you are charged 1.25% up to $10,000 in sales and if you exceed $10,000 you are charged 0.75% for the orders exceeding the $10,000 level.  That figure is then added to the 1.25% charged for sales volumes below $10,000.  This same holds true for sales volumes exceeding $50,000.00 for the cycle.  
  • There is a $0.02 minimum charged for all items.  
  • $20.00 is the minimum you will ever be billed.
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    Is this a subscription program where I have to agree to a set number of months or is it month by month, where I can remove all inventory and close out/cancel the account?

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    No subscriptions. You're billed monthly for the previous months orders. For more information about the billing cycle see

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