Order History

Your Order History page displays the results of any Order search request, or a selection of your previous orders based on your choice in the drop-down menu.  


 7 days of history are displayed by default.  But, the choices are:

        • 7 days
        • 15 days
        • 30 days
        • 3 months
        • Max

Note: Large volume, or longtime users of the service should not try to display Max order history.  It's advisable that you Download your Sales History files.

The Order History displays 6 columns of data:

  • Earnings -- Calculated by: Item Price + Shipping Credit - Commissions - Processing - Actual Shipping = Earnings
    • In the case of an eBay order the payment status will also display here as either CheckoutComplete or CheckoutIncomplete
    • In the case of an ABE order the payment method displays as Ordered, when the payment is complete either as Credit Card or Seller Direct
  •  Order ID -- displays the Order ID as a link that will take you to an order detail page showing all available information relating to the order including venue-specific payment details. A link to your Packing Slip displays below the Order ID.
  • Item -- displays the SKU sold, the Title, the Product ID and a Comments section. Click the SKU in this column and open that item's listing page if there are edits you need to make.  Ex: to the quantity, in cases where the item may be getting relisted.
    • In the case of an ABE order if the Credit Card payment fails you will see the following in the Comments field:

    • In the case of an MCF order the Shipping Status will display in the Comments field of your order
    • In the case of an FBA order, FBA is inserted to the Comments field 
  • Buyer -- Displays the Buyers name and the email address when provided in the order data from the Venue.
  • Date Purchased -- Displays the exact time of the order as reported from the Venue, including the timestamp in mm-dd-yyyy format.  
  • Status -- Displays the Status such as Processed, or Moved to History, or the name of the Ship List where it's located in the case of Unshipped orders.



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    Alex Esguerra

    Topic set by rodger on Wed Feb 10 2016 07:01:01 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
    : Greetings, affordablebooks
    : hi affordablebooks
    : We just entered the venues. Why are we showing 114 orders???? There is only 1 order from bilbio, 1 cancelled order from chrislands and 2 cancelled orders from textbooksx
    : Expedited Orders Only - 25 International Orders Only You've got your books, envelopes, and stickers? Get them out the door here. You currently have 114 new orders to ship (ali - 4) (bib - 2) (chr - 1) (eca - 13) (tbx - 3) (tru - 1) (val - 90) You currently have 0 items in your On Hold List You currently have 0 items in your Aux Hold List
    : valorebooks paused the account due to this
    : apologies, but you're saying you have orders on your venues that are not in AoB?
    : no AOB is reporting 114 orders instead of...i just check the ship settings
    : valorebooks is on vacation why 90 orders
    : tru i eblieve is textbooksrus is also on vacation
    : ecampus - 13???
    : i see no orders on
    : bilbio 1 order 1 cancel
    : did you set vacation on your venues directly? I am not seeing a gap in the orders that have come in. perhaps those venues were not really on vacation?
    : textbookx 1 order 2 cancel
    : AoB has no vacation settings so we have no governance over whether items continue to be available for purchase
    : even though they are not on vacation, they send emails and i just check directly there are no orders so not sure where you are pulling this information
    : OPEN ORDERS You do not have any items to ship.
    : textbookrus
    : we can only provide data that we receive from venues to which you've shared login and set as active
    : yes but the problem is you charge fees based on these sales numbers which is what iw anted to make sure there are no fess fees additional
    : from what I"m seeing these all came in on the 7th
    : select the Move to History option for them and that will take them out of the billing queue
    : 7th was the time we activated all except chrislands, textbooksx....right now chrislands, textbooksx, biblio are the only onres active and i just added
    : i thought everything is also getting purge the first activation
    : if you could give me a support request about this I'll follow up and make sure that when the next bills run that you are not charged for these old orders. I could also follow up to ensure they are not duplicates

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