Market Data Settings

Market Selection

MWS Selection

  • The options in this section are dictated by your Venue Settings.
    • If you are a new sign up with AOB and have no venue settings in place, or are not an Amazon seller, this section will display AOB Cached Data only.
    • If you are an Amazon seller and have entered your Seller ID in Venue Settings this section will display options based on the number of Amazon Seller ID's you've entered. (ie.,,
    • If you are an Amazon seller and have a valid Seller ID, your selection here will also dictate which Marketplace to use for your Soloist repricing runs.


Pricing Data

MWS Pull Options:

  • The options in this section will dictate the pricing data displayed when populating product data on the Single List Page.
    • The Competitive Market Data is the very least you should have selected in this section. This will pull the Sales Rank, Amazon's Price, Buy Box, Offer Count and Trade In values.
    • You should limit the selections in this section to only what you need. But, feel free to play with the settings to achieve the pricing data that best suits your needs.
    • You can have each option selected, however, be warned that your page load times will be slower for the data population.

MWS Data Options:

  • Allows you to choose how pricing data is displayed on your listing page
    • Exclude your listings from the Results
    • Display your prices with, or without, the shipping included.

Non-Amazon sellers please note that "Only ISBN/UPC updated in our data base in the previous 24 hours will have pricing data available.


Product Data

Text Search Options:

  • This section is only populated with options if you are an Amazon seller having a Seller ID entered in your Venue Settings.
    • It is used by your Listing Page and by the Road Tools when you are using the Title Search function.
    • There is no limit to the number of selections you can make in this section.
    • At least one selection needs to be enabled for Road Tools to function properly.


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