1. What is Soloist? Soloist is a program that fetches the Market Data for your inventory and using pre-set, or user-created settings will suggest new prices for your items.
  2. What if I do not select a repricing method in the Soloist panel?  If you do not make a selection in the Soloist panel before hitting Run it will only stare blankly at you and do nothing else.
  3. I started Soloist by accident.  How do I stop the run?  If for any reason you need to stop Soloist while it's running just click the Cancel button.
  4. Where do I set up my Repricing Configuration?  You will find the Repricing Configuration page by navigating to Settings > Inventory Settings and scrolling down to the Auto-Repricing Script Writer link. 
  5. I started Soloist, but need to leave, do I have to stay logged in?  No, you can log in and out of your AoB account with no change to Soloist's processing. Soloist will continue to run on your server, for your account, unless you hit the Cancel button, or until it completes its cycle.
  6. Do I have to run Soloist to test my Configuration Settings? No, it is not necessary to do a full run of Soloist to test your settings. You can test your repricing configuration on an individual item by navigating to Inventory > Show Active Inventory > Actions column on the left side of the page click the Pricing Test link. This will open a new page showing you a breakdown of the items and prices used to determine any new pricing suggestions.  In the Script Output box displayed on the left side of the new page the Initial New Price is what your new price would be if you were to run soloist on auto at that moment.
  7. Can I use Soloist if I am not an Amazon seller?  At this time AoB does not offer Repricing functionality to Non-Amazon sellers.


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