Multiple List Ship Pages

This page consists of a grid layout where the first row (blue) is your Pull List, the second row (pink) is your Packing Slips, then the Ship Page (green), Bulk Ship (yellow) page, and lastly Galaxy files. 

You will also notice 2 numbers for each of the various shipping lists. 

  1. The first number represents the total number of orders total in that list
  2. The second number (the green one) is the number of expedited orders in that list.  

Note: You can name your shipping lists on your Shipping Settings page for convenience.  

  • On the Shipping Page for any of your lists you have the option to move items between the various lists:  
    • Use the Move To option in the Actions column
      • Choose the List to move the order/s to from the drop-down menu
    • Save the page. 
      • That order (and any others you've done the same to) will be moved to the List you chose. 

It's that simple.


If you would like to set up defaults so that each list behaves as you need it for the orders you are moving there check out the Multiple List Ship Page Overrides

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