Shipping FAQ

  1. How do I cancel an order? If you have an ABE or Alibris order to cancel you can cancel the order and refund their money in one easy step. To cancel an ABE order simply click the Previously Sold or Rejected button and save changes. For Alibris, click the Cancel button and save changes. For Amazon orders you must check the button next to Move to History on the ship page and go to directly to refund their money.
  2. How do I remove an item from my sales stats after the item has shipped? You will have to go to your sales history and find the order. Then click the 'make new' button and the order will be moved to your ship page. Then click the 'move to history' and save changes. This will act as a cancel of the order in your AOB account and it will no longer be on your sales stats page.
  3. Do you automatically confirm orders on ABE, Alibris, Biblio or Valore? Yes, we do. All you have to do is click the pre-confirm, ship with email, or, ship with no email button on the ship page and save changes. This action triggers an automatic notification that sends your shipping confirmation to the selling venues. We do suggest that you check the venues directly to confirm they have processed the shipping confirmation info we send them.
  4. What does the U or unmatched mean next to my orders? If you ever see a boldfaced U it means the order was unmatched. By unmatched we mean that you did not have enough inventory to fill the order. For new accounts, it is not uncommon to see this with Amazon orders because the order reports we get from Amazon go back 15 days.
  5. I had to refund a book. How do I get the order out of my statistics? If the item is still in your ship list use the move to history button. If you have already processed the order find it in your AOB sales history and click the 'make new' link on the right side of that page. This will put the order back in your ship list as if you never shipped the item. Then find the order on your ship page and use move to history button and save changes. This will cancel the sale.
  6. What do the different colors on the ship page signify? If the order is expedited the line will be in red. If it’s an international order the line will be green. A yellow line indicates the order is an expedited international order. Orders going to the Alibris warehouse will be in bright pink.
  7. I have an Alibris order that does not have any shipping reimbursement. Why? Almost always those will be orders going directly to the Alibris warehouse and since Alibris provides a prepaid label for such orders they do not reimburse shipping. To get these labels login to your Alibris account and go to the sales tab. Click on the MRS link and choose your print option.
  8. I made a mistake when entering my shipping cost or tracking number on my ship page. How do I fix it'?
    1. Locate the order in your sales history and change the status from 'processed' to 'Make New' or to any other option you'll see in the drop-down menu in the far right Status column.
    2. Navigate to the same ship page selected in step 1 and locate the order in question. 
    3. Enter the correct data and select the Action you wish to use.  Note: If this is an Amazon order select the Previously Processed option in Actions as they do not allow shipping updates after the initial confirmation has been sent.
  9. Can I ship to international addresses using AOB and Endicia?  Yes, you can. Ensure your label and label format will support the integrated shipping label and customs form. The format you select will depend on your printer and label size. If you have any questions about which format to select we recommend you contact Endicia. Once you have it all set up we suggest that you print just one international label to ensure everything is set up properly .. that way if there are any issues you'll only have to request a refund from Endicia for one item. When you are confident all is set up properly you'll be ready to print domestic and international labels in one print run.
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