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Several of the sellers using our service have asked for a site tool to allow for an alert on the Shipping pages when an order arrives that matches.  And as it turned out there had been several customizations done to individual accounts that performed such a task already so we've started building a user interface to give you a way to set up a few alerts yourself.  

You can see the beginning of this tool by logging in to your Beta AoB account and navigating to Settings > Shipping Settings .. scroll to the bottom of that Settings page and you'll see Buyer Alerts just above the Save All Changes button.  

The interface will allow you to select from a variety of matching points (Name, address, phone #, etc). You will also need to add a color code (the number including the hash as shown in this example...using the bottom field designated as Color: and when an order arrives to your AoB account matching the information you've selected for the alert, that order will show up on your shipping page, color-coded as you've selected in the Settings.

When you've added an alert and saved the page a list will begin forming below the text fields of the alerts you've added.  The goal is for that list to be color-coded according to colors you've set for each, though, currently, it's in an unfinished state so the list doesn't colorize itself.   The settings do work however and we're releasing this to beta so that you can create a few alerts and get started using it.  The interface should be considered a very rough draft but you can get an idea of the concept.  

If you need ideas of what color codes to use we're sharing this page for your reference ..   https://html-color-codes.info/

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