Amazon makes two file types available for FBA items that you can download to use in transitioning your FBA listed inventory into your AoB account.  Due to the variations in the file data provided from Amazon there are a few slight modifications necessary for successful upload of your items to AOB as FBA items.  They are:

  • Amazon Fulfilled Inventory (AFI) is only your FBA items. Open this file in your spreadsheet program and add two columns: 'price' and use USD values, and 'fba' using 'y', or 'n' (yes, or no) to designate it to our system as FBA or Merchant Fulfilled (MF). The headers and column values should be lower case.
  • Active Listing Report (ALR) contains both FBA and Merchant Fulfilled items. The ALR will require that you add a value to the quantity column for FBA items.

Our favorite method? Upload both files instead of modifying either since they provide all you need when used together.

Create FBA items in your inventory using files you create yourself by adding an 'fba' column and use 'y', or 'n' (yes, or no) values to designate between FBA, or Merchant Fulfilled. 

Using the Single List Page (slp) to list FBA items:

  • Click Enable FBA on your AoB Venue Settings page to turn on various FBA options in your AoB account.  


  • The most evident FBA option is on your Single List Page.  Check the box to upload an item to Amazon as an FBA item. 


  • Click the Create Listing button, or the Update Listing button if the item is an existing inventory item that is being converted from a Merchant Fulfilled item to queue the item for upload to Amazon.
  • The status displayed at the top of your listing page after creating, or updating an item, will display a link to the so you can print your label for the item.
  • Affix labels to your items. Note: you can also wait to print your labels from Amazon directly.
  • Go to your Amazon account to prepare your shipment and print shipping labels.
  • Ship to Amazon.
  • AZ will email you when they have received your inventory.

Automate Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) 

This option allows AOB to automatically transfer order details for FBA items that have sold on other active venues to Amazon for fulfillment.

    • Once enabled an MCF link will be placed on your Ship page to display any MCF orders that have come in.  Depending on which set of ship pages you are using will dictate the placement of your MCF link
    • If you're using only the single ship page then your link will look like this:            
    • If you're using the Multiple Ship page option for your ship section your link will be directly above the table displaying your various shipping pages:    
    • These orders will be sent immediately to Amazon.
    • When Amazon has confirmed shipment of an order, the confirmation is sent to the selling venue along with the tracking and the MCF order displayed in your AoB account will automatically be placed in your Processed Orders.
  • If for any reason Amazon does not accept the MCF order it will be moved to your On Hold list and the error message from Amazon will display in the Comments section.
    • Locate the order on your On Hold list and you will see a Create MCF option in the Action column to the far right.
    • Clicking the Create MCF option and save the page to resubmit the order in cases where the error is resolved.
  • If you do not want to automate this process please see the FBA FAQ for answers.
  • Please note that Alibris Distribution Center orders are exempted from the Automate MCF functionality and will need your attention manually as described in Ship Your Books
  • The functionality of this option will also allow for a delay in the listing of your FBA items to your other active venues.
    • When this feature is enabled we monitor the listing status of your FBA items and only allow them to upload to any other active venues that your settings allow when they are Active in FBA.
    • If you are active on eBay and you have an order come in as Payment Incomplete that order will be excluded from the automation and you can use the Create MCF option on your ship page to manually create the MCF order on Amazon once the payment is reported as being complete.
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