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  • Why do I have to have a Pro-Merchant subscription with Amazon before AoB can manage my inventory on Amazon?  
    • A ProMerchant account is the only level of seller accounts with Amazon that allows for the file transfers that are required for AOB to function correctly with your Amazon account.
  • How do I authorize Aob to communicate with Amazon?  
    • In the area of your Venue Settings page click on Manage your Apps to navigate to the MWS signup page.
      • Enter your login on the new page that loads and click the Register Now button.
    • In the new page you'll see Third party developer and apps directly after the User Permissions section


 In the next page you'll  enter The Art of Books in the Developers Name Field and '6810-0176-0133' in the Developer ID field.


                  Click the next button on the bottom right of the page.

On the next page you are asked to confirm your understanding of the responsibility of allowing AoB access to your Amazon account.  


    • The final page gives you the Seller ID & the Authorization Token needed for AOB's Venue Settings.

      • Final_step.png

Enter the Seller ID to the Amazon Seller ID field on your AOB venue settings page.

If you choose to copy/paste this information, be aware that if you over-highlight and include the blank space before, or after, your copy/paste will include those blank spaces and it will make the ID entered appear invalid to the verification process.

Watch the right top corner of that section of the page for the processing results either successful or in error.

   Processing Results

Amazon return verified

Seller Id for verified.

  •  Where can I allow, or revoke,  Permissions for an Application to access MWS for my account in Amazon's Settings?
    • Seller Central > Settings > User Permissions > Amazon MWS Developer Permissions is at the bottom of the page.
    • Paying attention to email correspondence is helpful here as Amazon will send an automated notification titled "ACTION REQUIRED - Your Software Application Authorization Is About to Expire".
  • How do I know why an item is not listing to Amazon? 
    • Uploading a file of your inventory does not guarantee the item/s will successfully list as an Active Listing on any venue. Any upload is subject to the receiving venue's requirements for a listing. Most venues require that you login to their own site to check your seller admin area for any Processing Reports they make available to their sellers. However, we can access these Processing Reports from Amazon and make them available to you in the Venue Upload History.
    • Or, if you prefer to view these reports on Amazon directly:
      1. Log into your Amazon seller account
      2. Click on the “Upload multiple items” under the ” Manage Your Inventory” link.
      3. Scroll down to the “3. Review File Status and History” area.
      4. Look in the fourth column, Actions.
      5. Click on 'View Processing Report' one of the links at the far right to see the reason for the error.
      6. This will bring up a dialog so you can save the file to your computer.
      7. It will save to your computer as a tab delimited text (.txt) file but you can open it in a spreadsheet.
      8. In the Processing Report you will see the SKU and the error message (including error code).
  • Want a list of Amazon's Error Codes?  
  • Can I get Amazon to charge tax for my state?
    • Yes, you can. Just go to your Amazon account and under the Settings tab you will find Tax Settings. Click on the Tax Settings and follow the prompts.
  • Does AoB help me recognize Restricted DVD?
    • Yes, if you enter an ISBN/UPC/ASIN to your listing page and populate the product data, if the item falls into the parameters Amazon's describes as being restricted you will see text in the Market data column on the right side of the single item listing page stating that the item is Restricted.  The text will be a red font and clearly state the item's restricted status.
    • Restricted items are filtered out of the uploads to Amazon so our users can avoid trouble for attempting to list items for which they are not approved.  
  • Why am I receiving order fulfillment reports?
    • These are generated every time the AOB system asks Amazon for your orders, however, you can turn the notifications off within your seller account as follows:
      • In Account Settings look for Turn off/on your e-mail notifications.
      • When you click the link you will be prompted for your password. 
      • Next would be a list of the different notifications you can turn on and off.
  • I just Activated Amazon in my AoB account and now have orders on my ship page that I've already shipped.  Why?
    • Setting a venue to Active puts your account into the processing cycles for upload activity and order retrieval (aka:order pull cycle). When we make the first call to Amazon for your orders, that report will contain a 15-day block of order data.
    • If you have only a few orders you can use the Move to History option in the Action column for each order you wish to remove from the ship page and save the page.
    • In the event of having a large number of orders arrive making it cumbersome to move them individually you can elect to move them en mass.  To remove a large number of orders from your ship page in one action please see Mass Move Your Orders for details on this time saving tool.
  • My Amazon orders are not confirming shipping even though I’ve sent the info using AoB. What should I do?
    1. First, make sure you have told us to send the shipping confirmation to Amazon by navigating to Settings > Venue Setting,s and in the Amazon section make sure you have checked the option for 'Send Shipping Confirmations to Amazon'.  If this is not selected there will be no confirmation data sent to your Amazon account.
    2. Navigate to the Tools menu and in the Useful Links block you can check the status of your confirmations from AOB on Amazon Orders Confirmation Status 
    3. If the Amazon Confirmations Upload is showing a status of C (this stands for confirmed) it means that we successfully sent the confirmation to Amazon.  But, if the status is C and the orders are not showing as confirmed on Amazon it could be a back up in their system and you can check within your Amazon account to locate these reports at Seller Account → Orders → Upload Order Related Files.
    4. If you notice error reports and are not sure what they mean, please contact Amazon Seller Support or your friendly AoB staff with the error message.
  • How do I get the Amazon Collectible Categories to show up on my AOB Single List Page?
    • Obtain authorization to sell collectibles on Amazon.
    • On the AOB Settings menu, navigate to Single List Page Settings.
    • Enable the ‘Use collectibles’ option by checking the box and saving the page.
    • This will turn on the Collectible Fields on your Single List Page.
  • Curious about Amazon's Condition Guidelines?
  • How do I list a book without an ISBN on Amazon?
    • Beginning in February 2012, ISBNs or EANs (ISBN-13s) will be required when uploading listings for books published in 1973 or later.
    • You can also create a Product Page for an item on Amazon directly so that Amazon will assign an ASIN.  Once you have the ASIN just enter it on your AOB Single List Page and the SKU you used on Amazon and proceed as usual.
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